How much revenue can you gain from rewards program partners?

How many more customers will you gain from easy 24/7
no-hassle check-in for anyone?

How might an add-on purchase system enhance your gym's revenue?

State-Of-The-Art Kiosks Bring Out The Best for Gyms

The Challenge:

A luxury gym franchise operates through out the United States and Canada is looking for a major change in the way they interact with their customers. Over the years, they have positioned themself as a leader in the upscale fitness market, with many of its centers resembling luxury resorts.

What can a self service kiosk system bring to the table in a situation like this?

The Solution:

Not Only A Kiosk, But An Ultimate Gym Helper

Features and Benefits:

The Ultimate Gym Helper

Each kiosk can act not only as an easy
check-in device, but also as a way to look for training program, courses, merchandises,...

Aesthetic Excellency

Designed to either stand alone or blend seamlessly with existing furnishings, the kiosks make the surroundings elegant, modern and refined.  

Rewards/Loyalty Program

Maximize the potential of your rewards/loyalty program with user-friendly system and well-integrated scheme. Bring benefits to both members & partners, therefore, the gym itself.

Easy-Access for Everyone

Provide easy 24/7 access for anyone: registered members, short-term customers, and especially, one-day visitors with automated & hassle-free process.

Seamless Hardware Integration

Compatible with a variety of devices such as scanners, ticket printers, payment modules and more.

Excellent Upselling Tool

The kiosk is a powerful tool for upselling goods & service. Also, add an extra revenue stream with advertising space provided by the kiosks.

The Outcome:

The kiosks become familiar with gym-goers as a checkin device, a training helper, and even a shopping tool.

The Result:
Usage rate of self-checkout machine went up along with the customer satisfaction rating.


In a fast-moving digital economy landscape, gym owners must embrace innovative technologies to enhance user experience, optimize operations, and remain competitive.

This line of kiosk from Alpine Kiosk offers the solution for gym owners to bring the best experience to the customers as well as maximize the cost-effectiveness of operations.

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