How much would your revenue grow if you can serve
FOUR as many customers during peak hours?

How much would you save if
your location needed only HALF the staff to operate?  

How much could your sales increase with
a faster & more convenient rental process?

The Next Level Car Rentals Kiosk: Unmatched Efficiency

The Challenge:

The usual scene at any car rental can be descibed like this:

Long lines at check-in counters, leading to extended waiting times and frustrating rental experience. This situation often demands extensive staffing, which not only increases operational costs but also leads to inconsistencies in service quality. Customer retention becomes questionable and overall brand image is constantly damaged by these circumstances.

What could be a simple yet effective solution to this frustrating situation?

The Solution:

Transform Car Rentals with Unmatched Efficient Self-Service Kiosks

Features and Benefits:

Unrivalled Efficient Setup

Each kiosk table is able to serve 4 lines of customer at once. FOUR people can use the service simultaneously in a~40 sqft area.

Aesthetic Excellence

Designed to either stand alone or blend seamlessly with existing furnishings, the kiosks make the surroundings elegant, modern and refined.  

Optimized Staffing

The easy and speedy rental process with maximized automated routine tasks reduces the need for extensive staff and lower operation cost.

Versatile Dual Screen

The small screen is dedicated for input, while the larger screen can display advertisements. Hence, maximize the speed of the process & the upselling potent.

Seamless Hardware Integration

Compatible with a variety of devices such as scanners, ticket printers, payment modules and more.

Multilingual Interface

Catering to the diverse clientele of international airports, the kiosk offers multiple language options for a personalized experience.

The Outcome:

Car renting locations now serve more people with better effiency.

The Result:
Customers are satisfied with the ease and the speed of the process.


In a world of rapid digital transformation, traditional brands have to join the evolution as well.

This line of kiosk from Alpine Kiosk offers the solution for rentals companies to keep pace and get ahead of competition, bringing the best experience to the customers.

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