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The Alpine Kiosk Platform for Everyone

How does it benefit you?


  • Design your own perfect kiosks using our tool, get quotation and find a nearby partner to build them.
  • Your kiosks will be built by experienced companies in the business.


  • Generate unique kiosk designs in minutes and get them ready to present instantly (3D model can be requested).
  • Within clicks, connect to nearby builders for quotation and estimation.


  • Easily create kiosk designs that follow your brand identity and use them for your pitching in under 10 minutes.​
  • Support other departments and help making decision with transparent information: quality, quotes, customizability,…


  • Use our powerful tool to simplify many steps and bring unique, impressive designs to your customers as well as gain new orders and reputation through the platform.​
  • Especially, you will have a reliable housing supplier with flexible capacity from 5 up to 10,000 units​​


4 Steps to your Kiosk

Create your kiosks for self-service, checkout, check-in, tickets, payment, signage, information, and more.





Engineering & Design

Sleek kiosk design and hardware space have always been a contradiction. The popular trend nowadays is the stick-to-wall slim design, which is not ideal in terms of durability. At Alpine Kiosks, our mission is to create state-of-art kiosks that are super eye-catching, while, by innovative design, still offering enormous space for hardware and ventilation, therefore, a long lifetime. This is a dream come true for both kiosk installers and kiosk owners.

toolfree removable hardware panels

hardware storage

Why using Alpine Kiosk Design is beneficial?

It sells.


Stunning designs will attract customers even when they are still at a certain distance and will make them come close by.


The combination of virtual content and the physical device can greatly improve the conversion from impression to action. Our demo on the intro video is an excellent example of that.


Convince the audience to use self-service devices is one of the main challenges of digitalization. Our human-friendly & unique designs will increase the acceptance of using kiosks.


"How did they build this?" or "This looks so cool" are exactly the reaction we want from your target audience. This can lead to conversation and virality!


What is the usual project timeline?

Step 1

Create your Design

Use Alpine Kiosks to create your favourite design, and request quotations.

Duration: ~10 minutes

Step 2

Get Quotation

Within 1 working day, our partners will reach out to you to specify further project details. Once everything is clear, you should receive a quotation shortly.

Duration: 1-3 working days

Step 3

Sample Approval

Once you place an order, our partners & we will start manufacturing. For larger orders, we recommend that you get an approval sample beforehand.

Duration: 1-3 weeks

Step 4

Mass Production

When the sample is approved, mass production of your kiosks will start. The duration depends on several factors (QTY, customization, hardware availability, etc.)

Duration: 8-12 weeks

Please consider the above timeline as an indicator of possible project duration. The actual time can depend on many factors: QTY, customization requirements, component availability, etc. Before every project confirmation, the chosen partner will provide you with a detailed timeline.

General FAQs

What is the Alpine Kiosk Platform?

Alpine Kiosk is a brand of AlpsAV Inc. which is part of the REINGROUP. The mission of the Alpine Kiosk platform is to bring Kiosk Buyers, Builders, Marketers, and Designers together. 

Are there any charges or fees to use the platform?

The use of the platform, including all the features, is free of charge. The only requirement is to access all designs and features, you need to register with your email address and company name.

Can I use the designs from Alpine Kiosks for my marketing pitch or as sales material for my clients?

Yes. You can use them freely! Our mission is to support you in your daily work. Use our designs, customize them for your need, download them, and use them in your presentation or sales materials for free. But when it comes to building the kiosk housings, Alpine Kiosk will manufacture and provide them to your chosen partner to complete the kiosk project. Without the consent of Alpine Kiosk, it's not allowed to copy any of the designs. Our designs are privately owned and protected by patents.

As a Buyer, who will be responsible for building my kiosks?

The local partner you choose from our "Partners" section will be your contractor and be responsible for it. Once you finalize your custom design and hit the "Quote" button, we will forward the inquiry to your chosen preferred partner(s).

They will get in touch with you to finalize details, recommend hardware & software solutions and work on a quotation for your project. Alpine Kiosk will be responsible for supplying the metal housings to your partner. 

I already have an existing kiosk manufacturing partner and would want to work with them. Is it possible?

Yes! Please ask your partner to register in our "become partner" page. They need to pass verification steps, but we will ensure to make it as efficient as possible.

The Alpine Kiosk Platform is great, but some additional features would really help me in my project workflow...

No Problem, we are keen to know more about your needs and create the workflow as smooth as possible for you. Please open a ticket here and let us know what functions you expect to have. We will review them and put them on our roadmap if appropriate.

Alpine Kiosk designs are great, but I want to modify them or have my own design ideas. Can you build them?

It depends on several factors. It has to be doable from a technical point of view and it has to make sense from a project size point of view. But we promise to check every request. Therefor we created the "Design Ideas" Upload area.
Please print the Alpine Kiosk design you want to modify, sketch your changes, and upload them HERE.
Or upload your own design. We will check and feedback asap.

Which hardware / screen will be used in my Kiosk?

Our partners will recommend the brands and models they have the best experience. However, if you have preferred models, please mention them in the "notes" section when you customize your Kiosk model. 

Which screen sizes will be used?

The models in the customizer use 43" for the main screen and 24" for the smaller privacy screen (15" if the card reader is adjacent). Feel free to mention any sizes or models you are looking for in the notes section of the configurator.

Which software will be used on the Kiosk?

Our Partners work together with well-known names in the industry. So don’t worry about that. If you have your own software or existing systems/APIs to connect/interact with, our Kiosk Partners and Software Partners are ready to take on any challenge.

Partner FAQs

I want to become a Kiosk Building Partner. How do I do that?

First, fill out the form on the "Become Partner" page. Our experts will then do an evaluation based on the information provided. We will reach out to you if you pass this evaluation. The second step will be an on-site visit to your facility. This check will include the evaluation of production capacities, warehouse space, showroom facilities, and quality processes.

How long does the partner-onboarding process take?

The first step is fast and simple. Fill out the form on the "Become Partner" page. After the initial evaluation is done, our rep will come to visit your facility. The visit will take around 1-2 hours. You do not have to prepare anything, we only want to see your company as it operates in daily business. Overall, a successful onboarding process can take from a few days up to weeks. 

I run my own metal manufacturing, does partnering with Alpine Kiosk create any conflicts?

No! The Alpine Kiosk platform wants to bring more orders to you by offering unique & stunning designs to a targeted audience. Your existing business and existing kiosk models are not related to us. In some cases of urgency, we might need your support with manufacturing capacity. It’s a win-win situation.