Premium Custom Kiosk
in an Instant

Unique Design,
Swift Deployment


Alpine Kiosk crafts designs that are not only functional but also breathtakingly unique.

Each concept is a blend of art and technology, ensuring kiosks that stand out in any environment.


Time is of the essence. Our streamlined processes and modular approach ensure that your kiosk solution is ready for deployment in record time.


The kiosks are built on a modular foundation, allowing for easy customization and adaptability.

Whether it's a specific device integration or a unique feature addition, we ensure your kiosk fits your exact needs.


Global reach, local touch.
We collaborate with experienced kiosk builders worldwide, ensuring you have a trusted local partner for seamless integration and support.


Dive into the future of customer interaction with our state-of-the-art kiosks. Whether you're envisioning a specific design or seeking guidance on the best solution, we're here to assist. Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life.


Why using Alpine Kiosk Design is beneficial?

It sells.


Stunning designs will attract customers even when they are still at a certain distance and will make them come close by.


The combination of virtual content and the physical device can greatly improve the conversion from impression to action.


Convince the audience to use self-service devices is one of the main challenges of digitalization. Our human-friendly & unique designs will increase the acceptance of using kiosks.


"How did they build this?" or "This looks so cool" are exactly the reaction we want from your target audience. This can lead to conversation and virality!

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Alpine Kiosk modular system empowers you to build kiosks that easily adapt to your clients' brands, ensuring outstanding user experience.


Reach out now to collaborate on tailor-made concepts and connect with nearby building partners!


If you're looking to see your components integrated seamlessly into our groundbreaking kiosk designs, let's collaborate.



Boost your business with Alpine Kiosk. Join our distribution network and diversify your product range.


Enhance your business by adding self-service kiosk solutions to your portfolio.


Shape Modern Spaces with Alpine Kiosk! Partner with us to seamlessly embed advanced self-service kiosks into your creations.

Engineering & Design

Sleek kiosk design and hardware space have always been a contradiction. The popular trend nowadays is the stick-to-wall slim design, which is not ideal in terms of durability. At Alpine Kiosks, our mission is to create state-of-art kiosks that are super eye-catching, while, by innovative design, still offering enormous space for hardware and ventilation, therefore, a long lifetime. This is a dream come true for both kiosk installers and kiosk owners.

Tool-free removable hardware panels


Spacious hardware storage

Tailored Kiosk Solutions for Every Business

• We provide high-quality kiosk housings with unique modular design philosophy.
• Our fully-assembled kiosks using the most reliable hardwares and softwares in the business.
•Cultivating synergies between kiosk visionaries and seasoned builders.
• Utilizing our dedicated Kiosk Housing Manufacturing, ready to fulfill orders, be it 10 or 10,000 units.
• A relentless pursuit of innovation, ensuring every kiosk stands out, both in form and function.

At Alpine Kiosk, we're more than just a provider; we're a comprehensive solution for the kiosk industry. Our blend of design expertise, collaborative spirit, and manufacturing prowess ensures that every kiosk project, regardless of scale, is a resounding success.


What is the usual project timeline?

Step 1

Create your Design

Use Alpine Kiosks to create your favourite design, and request quotations.

Duration: ~10 minutes

Step 2

Get Quotation

Within 1 working day, our partners will reach out to you to specify further project details. Once everything is clear, you should receive a quotation shortly.

Duration: 1-3 working days

Step 3

Sample Approval

Once you place an order, our partners & we will start manufacturing. For larger orders, we recommend that you get an approval sample beforehand.

Duration: 1-3 weeks

Step 4

Mass Production

When the sample is approved, mass production of your kiosks will start. The duration depends on several factors (QTY, customization, hardware availability, etc.)

Duration: 8-12 weeks

Please consider the above timeline as an indicator of possible project duration. The actual time can depend on many factors: QTY, customization requirements, component availability, etc. Before every project confirmation, the chosen partner will provide you with a detailed timeline.