The Alpine Kiosk Platform is continuously improving. If you think some features are missing or you have some ideas to make the platform better, please share them in the Chat box below, or send us a message using the contact form.

Upcoming Features

Enhanced Exported Picture Quality

Exported pictures from the configurator will be enhanced to ensure you have the best presentation material for your internal or client pitch.

Planned Date: March 2023

Downloadable 3D Kiosk Model

The 3D model download function is not yet implemented. Please reach out to us in the below chatbox if you need a 3D Model for further planning.

We are working on this function for all our products.

Planned Date: February 2023

Updated Kiosk Model Catalogue

We are continously releasing new kiosk models.

Please visit our site regularly or sign up on the email listing not to miss any new releases.