How much could your profit go up if customers are willing to spend more money on services during waiting time?

How many more customers could you attract with efficient self-service options?

What revenue growth might you see from reducing extensive staffs with kiosks?

Charging Station Self-Service Kiosk: Maximizing Sales Opportunity

The Challenge:

The time for electric vehicles has arrived, bringing along a multitude of opportunities.

Waiting time is one to watch, what can charging station provide for people waiting for their cars to charged up? People often spend up to an hour at the station, beside charging service, how can station urge them to spend more money?

The Solution:

Self-Service Kiosk: The Upselling Master

Features and Benefits:

Easy Setup

Wherever you want, these kiosks can easily be setup so you can attract customers' attention to the maximum level.

Aesthetic Excellence

Designed to either stand alone or blend seamlessly with existing furnishings, the kiosks make the surroundings elegant, modern and refined.  

Enhanced Customer Experience

Kiosks can provide personalized recommendations and services based on customer preferences, opening up upselling opportunities.

Reliable Quality

Top-of-industry grade production guarantees that the kiosk will be durable and reliable for a long period of time.

Seamless Hardware Integration

Compatible with a variety of devices such as scanners, payment modules and more. You can customize them to fit your needs and your customers' requirements.

Optimized Staffing

The easy and speedy process with maximized automated routine tasks reduces the need for extensive staff and lower operation cost.

The Outcome:

The charging station generates more profit during the waiting time of the customer.

The Result:
Customers are comfortable & willing to spend more money during the waiting time,
while the charging station has a new stream of income.


Since customer waiting is a potential , self-service kiosks are a flexible strategy that brings many advantages to businesses that provide charging stations. Maximizing profits is not the only goal when implementing this kiosk; Doing so will also increase customer satisfaction and business performance.

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