How much would your revenue increase
if your hotel can provide reliable 24/7 check-in?

How much would your hotel save
if you can reduce your front desk staff to ONE each shift?

How much could your profit go up
when every guest is satisfied with the check-in experience

Hotel Self-Checkin Kiosks: Open Up The New Era

The Challenge:

Hotel guests arrive at all hours, and hotels must always be ready to serve them warmly!

To meet their expectations, hotel staff always need to be absolutely on point. However, this is often not the case. As a result, check-in timing and front desk issues are among the most common complaints. Can a simple gadget provide the perfect solution for these head-scratching problems?

The Solution:

Self-Checkin Kiosk: The Always Available Checkin Method

Features and Benefits:

Perfect Multi-Tasker

Each kiosk has the ability to guide hotel guests through every step of the check-in process from entering personal information, scanning passport to getting the key-card.

Aesthetic Excellence

Designed to either stand alone or blend seamlessly with existing furnishings, the kiosks make the surroundings elegant, modern and refined.  

Personalized Guest Experience

Kiosks can provide personalized recommendations and services based on guest preferences, enhancing the overall stay.

Optimized Staffing

The easy and speedy process with maximized automated routine tasks reduces the need for extensive staff and lower operation cost.

Seamless Hardware Integration

Compatible with a variety of devices such as scanners, key-card provider, payment modules and more.

Multilingual Interface

The kiosk offers multiple language options for a personalized staying experience.

The Outcome:

The hotel now operates with better check-in efficiency and less frontdesk staff.

The Result:
Customers are satisfied with the overall staying experience
and especially, the first-hand experience when they get to the hotel.


Hotels always have to provide the best experience to their guests, especially in the very competitive landscape of the hospitality industry

This hotel kiosk from Alpine Kiosk offers the solution for hotels to keep pace and get ahead of competition, bringing the most comfortable accommodation to customers.

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