How much would your revenue increase
if you can eliminate waiting lines at the deli counter?

How much would your business save
when your staff work as twice as efficient?

How much could your deli benefit from upselling gourmet products?

No Time Wasted: Next Level Deli Self-Service Kiosks

The Challenge:

Nowadays, people's lives are increasingly hustle and bustle because of the fast pace of life. So when using any product or service, customers consider convenience and speed.

Deli business is one of those which customers expect to be served faster with better experience. What do businesses need to do to get their products sold as smoothly and quickly as possible?

The Solution:

Self-Service Kiosk: The Quick & Easy Shopping Wizard

Features and Benefits:

Convenient Shopping Hub

With a large touch screen, customers easily make orders as well as find other useful information, such as: discounts, add-on products

Aesthetic Excellence

Stunning appearance that is modern, refined, and elegant. The machine has been optimized for operation and customer attraction in supermarket settings.

Enhanced & Personalized Experience

Customers can receive recommendations for additional goods from the machine based on their consumption objectives, preferences, and needs.

Ordering Process Automation

Kiosk machines help to automate the ordering process, reduce wait time, and lower staff costs.

Seamless Hardware Integration

With its modular structure, the kiosk can feature shelves that facilitate the display of deli-related items, thereby assisting customers with the purchasing procedure.

Multilingual Interface

There is no language barrier when the multilingual kiosk comes into play, everyone deserves a great trip to the deli.

The Outcome:

The deli now serves customers more quickly, eliminating the long lines during peak hours.

The Result:
Customers are satisfied with the experience at the deli, they tend to spend up to 20% more on average order.


Self-service kiosks presents an innovative and in-depth resolution to the difficulties typical of placing orders at Deli counters.

The features of the machine are not simply an option; they are groundbreaking and provide major benefits for both clients and organizations.


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