What growth in on-campus dining transactions could kiosks bring?

How much could enrollment improve with better on-campus experience?

How much engagement can on-campus self-service kiosks boost?

Self-Service Kiosks & How College Campuses Leverage Them

The Challenge:

For large school campuses, mobility between areas needs to be optimized to ensure the most convenience for students, teachers and visitors. Besides that, each college is also a modern society where each member is highly tech-savvy and very capable of using new technologies.

Here's why and how college campuses can ultilize self-service kiosks!

The Solution:

Campus Kiosk: Self-Service Wherever You Are

Features and Benefits:

Modern Touch Screen

Clear and straightforward information on a modern touch screen with a large screen and good display quality makes it easy to reach.

Aesthetic Excellence

Eye-catching appearances and elegant designs. This allows users to determine the location of the machine, and creates a impressive brand image.

Personalized Guest Experience

Kiosks can provide personalized recommendations and services based on guest preferences, enhancing the overall stay.

Optimum Positioning System

With an accurate positioning system, the kiosk will direct the user to the exact location where they requested it at the fastest time and distance.

Seamless Hardware Integration

Compatible with a variety of devices such as scanners, key-card provider, payment modules and more.

Universal Accessibility

Kiosks can operate 24/7 conveniently for users to search at any time, and they are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.


The Outcome:

All individuals on campus, including students, faculty, and visitors, are able to fully use the kiosks to locate around the area as well as make purchases for necessary products & services, etc...

The Result:
Modern and convenient kiosks contribute to enhancing the image of the school in the eyes of students, parents and the community.


College campuses are special places where many types of kiosks can be deployed to serve the young and dynamic population of students.

The kiosks from Alpine Kiosk offers the solution for campuses to enhance the school image and the overall experience of every visitor.

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