How much revenue of yours come from transactions at the kiosks?

How much would purchase value increase if your customer always satisfied when going to your shop?

What percentage of revenue would increase if one kiosk could serve four people at the same time?

Self-Service Kiosks: The Perfect Investment for Retailers

The Challenge:

Navigating the retail environment during peak times poses a significant challenge as stores overflow with customers. The quest for delivering exceptional service amid the chaos becomes more daunting. Staff are stretched thin, striving to maintain quality and efficiency.

How can retailers ensure that every customer feels valued and attended to, even in the busiest of times?

The Solution:

Self-Service Kiosk: The Master of Multi-Tasking

Features and Benefits:

Modern Screens

Large screen and clear display makes it easy for buyers to operate by dragging and dropping.

Optimized Staffing

The kiosks can replace human in many responsibilities so bussinesses can cut-down operating cost.


Maximize Space Efficiency

Can serve multiple customers at the same time when the kiosk can maximize the number of users in the same size of the storage area.


Utility Design

Additional price zones for shopping carts and hanging bags make self-payment extremely easy.


Seamless Hardware Integration

The smooth payment system makes it easy for customers to shop and pay quickly and conveniently.


Upselling Shelves

Modular design allows easy-install shelves assembling, open upselling opportunities for business.

The Outcome:

Customers will find maximum time savings with the retail-kiosk.


The Result:
Achieving high satisfaction for both business owner, staff member and customer.


A self-service kiosk is a breakthrough solution that helps speed up sales, serve more customers and save time. By adopting self-service kiosks, retail businesses can boost revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and optimize operational efficiency.


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